House Check

  • What is a House Check? A: Your house will be checked by an Officer on each shift. In other words, your house will be checked about 3 times in a 24 hour period (daylight, afternoon, and night shifts). This, of course, depends on the manpower and availability of Officers.
  • What does the Officer do when checking my house? A: The Officer will walk around the residence to ensure the house is secured and there are no signs of forced entry. He will also be looking for any signs that unwanted persons, or vehicles have been there. He will watch for things that may seem out of the ordinary. The Officer will log the times of the check in his activity log.
  • What happens if something is wrong? A: The person(s) you list as an emergency contact will be notified, most likely, you will also be notified immediately afterwards. Don’t forget to give us your cell phone number in case of an emergency.
  • Remember; the more information you give on the form the better.
  • Police Department must be called when you return home.
  • Please submit the House Check application at least 1 week prior to your absence.
  • General Information

  • Travel Dates

  • This is the day your vacation or absence begins.
  • This is the day you will return for your absence or vacation.
  • Key Holder Information

  • Property Information

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